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In the same series, Ethernet Passive Optical Networks by Glen Kramer focuses on the details of the EPON specification in IEEE Std 802.3ah.

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This website is dedicated to frequently asked questions about Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM).

NEW: Carrier Ethernet Market offers an overview of commercially available carrier Ethernet services (with a location-based service look-up application). If you are in the UK, we recommend that you check out EFM Market for information about EFM services.

If you are looking for information about Ethernet in general, you may want to check out the comp.dcom.lans.ethernet FAQ, maintained by James Messer, the Techfest Ethernet Technical Summary, Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Site, or the book recommendations shown below.

General Questions

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What is “Ethernet in the First Mile”?

What is the EFM standard about?

What is the EFM Task Force?

What is the EFM Alliance?

Where can I get a copy of the EFM standard?

Where can I order an EFM service subscription?

Where can I buy EFM equipment?

Where can I get more information on EFM and related standards?

To whom can I turn if I still have questions about EFM or related standards?

Whom can I notify if I find an error in the EFM standard?

EFM Copper Related Questions

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Can I set up a high-speed Ethernet connection between two sites that only have a single pair of phone wire between them?

What is “bonding” or “PME Aggregation”?

Is 10PASS-TS limited to 10 Mb/s? Is 2BASE-TL limited to 2 Mb/s?

Is EFM Copper the same thing as Ethernet over xDSL?

Does EFM Copper use HDLC encapsulation?

Point-to-Point Fiber Related Questions

[All Answers]

What is new about EFM over point-to-point fiber?

EPON Related Questions

[All Answers]

What is a Passive Optical Network?

What is the purpose of the LLID in EPON? What is the equivalent in GPON?

OAM Related Questions

[All Answers]

How is EFM OAM different from IEEE 802.1ag?

How is EFM OAM different from SNMP?

Why can EFM OAM only be used to read MIB variables, and not to write them?

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